Best VALUE – luxury is nice, but only affordable can make a difference
Only premium USDA certified organic ingredients
No synthetic and hazardous junk. Period.
Vegan and cruelty-free
Eco-friendly packaging
(40-100% recycled, recyclable & reusable)

Anthology Organic is owned and operated by a family of happy vegetarians and dedicated to the development of truly organic skin care products helping people with dry, flaky, itching, cracked skin as well as oilier, problem, and sensitive skin types.

Anthology is proud to offer the highest percentage of organic on the market – most of our products consist 99-100% of USDA certified organic ingredients, many of which, by the way, have been used in cooking or medicinally for thousands of years and withstood the test of time.

We use only premium USDA certified organic essential oils which, unlike regular “natural” oils, act as powerful remedies. Our carrier oils, butters and botanicals are also USDA certified organic, raw, unprocessed and loaded with antioxidants helping hydrate your skin, prevent signs of premature aging, and support your skin’s health.

We proudly use only USDA certified organic ingredients because regular botanicals are dangerously contaminated with pesticides, preservatives, solvents and other chemicals that accumulate in our bodies and cause chronic health problems. So natural doesn’t mean whole. To be sure you are using the best and safest products on yourself and your loved ones, choose organic skin care.

But be careful. Many companies put just a pinch of organic botanicals in the mixture of carcinogenic, health-threatening chemicals, pour 70-80% of water and label that “made with organic botanicals”. It’s much easier and cheaper than using true USDA certified organic oils which are expensive and very difficult to source.

Our eco-friendly apothecary glass containers will never interact with essential oils or release toxins into the final product like many plastics do. Also sunlight depletes oils of their potency, but our dark glass blocks it so you can enjoy full-strength products until the last drop.

Thank you for visiting Anthology and choosing organic.
Yours truly organic,


Anthology origin:
1630–40; lit., gathering of flowers, equiv. to flower-gathering

We are a small artisanal studio dedicated to creating personal care artefacts made with organic and all-natural ingredients. At Anthology, we make our products by hand, imparting our love for everything organic, all-natural and pure.

At Anthology, we believe that genuine beauty is a direct result of genuine health. Healthy and beautiful skin can be achieved easily and naturally by anyone who cares about what they eat and put on their skin, among other things. Over the past century, people have discovered and mass produced numerous chemicals (80000 to be exact), celebrating victory over Mother Nature. Most of these chemicals have never been sufficiently researched and only decades later we are discover that they are largely not a victory, but a calamity to humans, animals and nature.

At Anthology, we are wholeheartedly committed to using only pure, USDA certified organic, all-natural and of course safe ingredients in our products.
We pledge that you will find only:

- usda certified organic ingredients (except tocopherols that are 100% natural / gmo-free, salts and clays).
It's a matter of the utter importance for us that we use specifically USDA certified organic ingredients because this is the highest organic standard available at the moment. Some other organic certifiers allow as low as 10% of organic content in the product to call it "organic". We take pride in manufacturing our organic skin care products with truly organic components therefore all of our ingredients (except tocopherols, salts and clays) bear the USDA seal. Salts and clays are excluded from certification, but sourced from the reliable vendors to guarantee purity and therapeutic strength.

- cold-pressed, raw oils and butters that retain all their healing, nutritious properties.
Sometimes manufacturers bleach, deodorize and refine ingredients to achieve certain texture or eliminate the smell some oils and butters have as it is considered way too overpowering.
Whenever all-natural and organic ingredients undergo such processing, they lose part of their effectiveness and strength. Plus the refining process often involves chemical solvents that do not
completely escape from the final ingredient thus contaminating it. On top of that some manufacturers heat their mixtures while preparing products and, as you know, extreme and extended heating is detrimental to everything good in oils - vitamins, antioxidants, etc., etc. We wonder who needs that. Our ingredients are full-strength, unprocessed, raw and waiting to give it all to your skin.

- highest quality essential oils and base oils that lend therapeutic qualities and divine aroma to our skin care products.
We source our USDA certified organic essential oils from trusted and well-established suppliers as only true organic oils possess full therapeutic strength. The cost of organic essential oils, as well as
other organic ingredients, often exceeds the cost of conventionally produced ingredients by 3-5 (in some cases 8) times! Some oils are more valuable and rare than the others due to their
unique characteristics that make our skin healthier and younger. Among other precious oils we use, are patchouli and atlas cedarwood essential oils, as well as argan, grapeseed, rosehip and jojoba oils
as base oils.

- responsible packaging - recyclable and/or recycled containers, shipping materials and labels.
It's natural that organic skin care be friendly to our bodies and our environment, isn't it? Yes, we also think so. You will notice on the product pages the recycled content of our packaging and we go to the great lengths to make sure that our packaging and shipping supplies are completely recyclable. Most of our containers are actually very well reusable!

And here is what you won't find in our products:
- no chemicals, including petrochemicals, nasty preservatives, skin irritants, etc.
- no synthetics, including artificial fragrances, additives, emulsifiers, etc.
- we even say no to processed natural ingredients, such as refined, bleached or deodorized oils and butters.
- we also say no to natural conventionally grown or produced ingredients that are often contaminated with solvents and genetically modified material.

Some people reason that chemicals and additives each constitute just a small portion of the product. True. But add them together, throw in "purified water" which usually comprises up to 80% of many cosmetic products - and you will find natural stuff in the bottom of the list, if they put any at all. It's also known that whatever natural ingredients are present in the products, they do not offset the harm inflicted by the chemicals. And however small amount of nasties gets on your skin, it will sink in and end up right in your system, since our skin has astonishing absorbency and even medicine can be applied topically in the form of patches, ointments, etc. Also how much do we need really to maintain or disrupt our health? Read your regular multivitamin packer to see the required daily quantities of each vitamin and mineral – that will be measured in mg, mcg and IU which all are incredibly small amounts!

To sum up, thank you for choosing organic.

We’ll go now, do our flower gathering to prepare another good product for you.