French Green Clay

French Green clay

Our French Green clay is quarry mined from naturally occurring deposits in France and comes untreated, retaining all minerals and having no impurities. French Green Clay is one of the most effective mineral skin clays that contains a load of valuable elements, such as important mineral oxides, magnesium, calcium, potassium, dolomite, manganese, phosphorous, copper, and selenium. Our genuine Green clay, unlike poor quality clay, boasts true green coloration due to the presence of iron oxides and decomposed plant matter accumulated over thousands of years. French Green clay absorbs impurities, dust, oil, contaminants, and make up at a greater rate than other clays, therefore it is recommended for detoxification purposes and problems associated with excessive skin oiliness.

Clays cannot be certified organic, therefore some clay-based Anthology products cannot meet the 95% certified organic content mark, but nonetheless contain only 100% USDA certified organic ingredients, excluding clay, and boast utmost purity and effectiveness.