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Planet Green by Discovery recommends Anthology's Lemongrass body butter for your winter skin care regimen! Here is a great article by Laurel House with DIY recipes, product recommendations and valuable tips.   Read more >>


"...the Chocolatier Face mask is a winner!..." 


"...And how is the Complete Skin Detox Face Mask? In two words: bloody cool..." Read more >>

"...While most moisturizers contain up to 70% water, Anthology's contains 100% oils for superior moisturizing..."  Read more >>

"...We love Anthology West Indies Facial Scrub, which utilizes poppy seeds rather than plastic beads to create an exfoliating powder that you customize to your skin type by adding just the right amount of water. Plus all of Anthology’s ingredients are USDA Certified Organic and presented in recycled and recyclable glass jars that are pretty enough to display..." Read more >>


"...This organic skincare line is one of the best that has ever crossed the history of EcoBold..." Read more >>

A fantastic article by Trae Bodge on how to store, use and when to dispose of your skincare goodies - excellent read for everyone who uses cosmetics! Read more >>

"This is the most amazing cleanser!  I have really dry skin and a lot of facial products end up irritating my skin.  The Tender as Petals NO SOAP FACIAL CLEANSER works perfectly.  It cleans deep without sucking your face dry... After using My Precious Organic Eye Serum for a few days, I noticed a big difference in my eyes and how bright they looked.  The skin around them is firmer and smoother.  I love it!... The first time I tried the Facial Mask for Dry/Dehydrated Skin, I couldn't believe how great my skin felt after I washed it off.  It felt better than when I went to the spa and had a facial.  It's great!"

"Anthology Organic really shines when it comes to special treatment products. Their Mermaid’s Cheek Facial Mask puts your skin back in balance, and tightening things up with sea kelp and clay. Reveal a new radiance with a facial scrub that gently removes dull skin, with natural exfoliants you can feel comfortable washing down the drain.

We loved the texture of the Lullaby for Dry Skin Serum, which is made from 10 different organic oils in a special blend. It’s amazing how the formula, which includes sought-after rare medicinal Moroccan argan, grapeseed, geranium and jojoba oils, brings skin into balance when you might expect it to leave a greasy feel. Instead, our face felt luminous and perfectly soothed." Read more >>

"The organic facial wash is actually a powder... The very first time I used it I could tell a difference in my face. Honestly. THE VERY FIRST TIME. It took a lot of the red tones out and just felt great. Do you ever cleanse your face and then have that tight, dry feeling? Well, you won't with this product. I feel like I glow after I use it."

"The Facial serum was fabulous! I have some dry patches on my face and the facial serum really 
hydrated my skin. It works miracles! It glides on. It is an oil but it is quickly absorbed and just leaves your face feeling fresh. Your makeup goes on so smooth after using this!"

"Now, onto my favorite. The body butter. As soon as you scoop it out of the glass jar and start rubbing it between your hands, it almost starts turning into an oil like consistency! Once you start rubbing it onto your skin it is like HEAVEN! It leaves your skin glowing and soft. It is my MUST HAVE after a shower. I seriously feel as if I got this from an fancy spa. I wonder if this is what the famous people use. lol.
Did you check out the wonderful packaging? The packaging alone is worthy of praise!" Read more >>

"Anthology makes a 99% organic Facial Toner - Body Spray mist that is pure rose water obtained through steam-distilling of fresh Bulgarian roses.  As a toner, it can help balance hormonal oiliness (see Hormonal Acne below), and as a body mist, it's refreshing and calming.   Keep it in the fridge for a cooling, summer spritz!..." Read more >>

"...Anthology Face Serum Lullaby for Dry Skin. Super nourishing and it smells wonderful..." A great read elaborating on green and organic issues in cosmetics (by Trae Bodge). Read more >>

"The Lemongrass Shire ORGANIC BODY BUTTER ($15.95) is a divinely rich, lightly whipped body butter that has a touch lemon zest and peppermint to lighten your mood and pamper your skin. The zesty scent livens me up on those mornings when I need a jolt. This body butter has a proprietary organic blend of sunflower oil, Vitamin E, jojoba oil and ricebran oil that will give your skin the nourishment that it needs without the oiliness that some body butters provide."

"The Lullaby for Oily Skin ORGANIC FACIAL SERUM ($15.95) has quickly become a favorite of mine! ...I've been using it other anti-acne products, and I've been experiencing great skin lately! I will note that this product is too oily for me to use during the day. Therefore, I've been applying it on my face at night. I love waking up to clear, healthy skin! ..." Read more >>

"...After three days of using this wonderful cream, my alligator skin (on my lower legs) is GONE! I’m not kidding either, my legs are so soft and silky it’s not funny (lol). I still have a very small amount of flaking, but that should fade away with a couple more uses. It’s obvious by my testimony that this body butter is effective, but why does it work so well?..." Read more >>

"...They compact so much product into their containers that you really get your monies worth and it's VERY good quality..."

"...I am making Mermaid's Cheek a twice-weekly ritual from now on!..." Read more >>

"...The products feel great, smell great and are fun to use. I was so pleased with everything I tried. Each one has a distinct and natural aroma and they get the job done..." Read more >>

"...Luckily, I have great skin and plan to use my dewy complexion as a distraction. Using all natural anti-aging serums and cleansers by Anthology is all part of my master plan..." Read more >>