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Here are some of the customer stories which we keep receiving and will be posting more soon.

"I have a thyroid disease that makes my skin very dry and I have had a hard time finding the right skin care products for my combination skin that is also dry due to my thyroid disease - I know ...very challenging! I tried Anthology's Facial Cleanser, Facial Scrub and Facial Serum- and am ecstatic!! I just had a facial, and the woman who has given me facials before (and knows the challenges I face) said 'your skin is hydrated and plump- what have you been using?!!!' I LOVE these products and my husband does too!!" Kathleen, CA

"This stuff [Lullaby for Dry Skin organic facial serum] smells like a dream; I love putting it on before bed. My skin feels very soft, too." Nicole, IN

"I really like the way this scrub smells [Feet for the Queen foot scrub] and it does wonders for my poor feet at the end of my long days! Thanks!" Christine, PA

"...I purchased Anthology bath salts lately and a foot scrub as a gift for my Mom because I really liked the way your products sound and the packaging is stunning. And she just fell in love with all of thatt! Thank you!" Olivia, CA

"Just wanted to thank you for your Lullaby for dry skin serum which has become my favorite from the first time I applied it. It really sinks in incredibly quickly and it's not greasy at all. I am amazed and impressed. It's very nourishing for my dry skin and I'm already addicted to its aroma. Thank you!" Karen, MA

"This lavender body butter is very lovely from scent to creamy texture! And it's not greasy like I expected this kind of product to appear! Very nice work, keep it up and thank you for the awesome product" Cindy, MN

"I am very impressed with this mask [Chocolatier's Gift]. I used it last night, and it worked so well for me. I have dry skin, but it is also very sensitive to certain types of masks, and I am happy to say that it did not irritate at all. I felt it clearing out my pores, and my skin felt so soft and smooth afterwards! So thank you very much!!! I used [Organic Facial Cleanser] before I used the chocolatiers mask, and again, just like the mask another winner!!! very impressed works well for my sensitive skin. Thanks so much!!" Joanne, Canada

"I love this facial mask. [Chocolatier's Gift] It really is a regenerator. This serum [Organic Facial Serum Lullaby for Dry Skin] has a divine fragrance. I tried a touch of it on my hand and love the consistency. Thank you. This cream [Organic Body Butter Lemongrass Shire] is wonderful. I love the fragrance and hope that it repels mosquitos which is a benefit of lemongrass. Thank you." Beverly, SC

"The candle smelled wonderful in the box but smells even better when lit. Very nice lavender scent that doesn't over power but you know it's there. Very impressed with the product and would definitely buy from again. Also want to mention the candle came packaged very nice and shipped fast too." Jodi, MN

"This stuff is NICE!!! [Organic Facial Serum Lullaby for Dry Skin] Smooth and has a softly earthy fragrance that is very comforting. I actually smoothed some into the ends of my dry hair and it really made it shine, not heavy, just nice!"

"WONDERFUL!! I love this stuff!!! And the bottles are really pretty. A++++ Highly Recommended!!" [Organic Body Butter Lemongrass Shire] Laurel, CA

"I Loooooove the facial serum I purchased which aptly described as a lullaby for dry skin. Beautiful packaging, quick service and wonderful follow-thru. Perfect in every way." Tammy, AK

"really nice butter! creamy texture, sinks in quickly and smells charming, love it. [Organic Body Butter Creme Exotique]. Great toner! smells nice and refreshes the skin very well. beautiful packagingI must say that this is probably the best serum that I've ever used. My skin feels much better. A very nice product from an amazing seller! [Organic Body Butter Lemongrass Shire] smells absolutely amazing! But the best part is that my skin feels softer and is calmer. I have very sensitive skin so that makes me incredibly happy!" Alla, CA

"...You should label your Lavender body butter anti aging! I actually use it on my face because i have very dry skin - and it feels amazing!..."  Tanya, 53, MD

"...your cleanser with flowers [Anthology: Organic No Soap Facial CLeanser Tender as Petals] is one of a kind! Smells very nice, cleans well and is very gentle on my skin..."  Jessica, 41, CA

"Hi Anthology guys,
I love your Lemongrass Shire body butter. It smells soooo goood! it's my first organic product and first botter that I tried. I noticed that in the beginning i had to use a lot of it to moisturize my hands, but in a couple weeks I needed less and less for my hands to feel soft. I think it's because my skin got so thirsty despite all the lotions i used to put on it it was having a real feast with your amazing butter :) Thank you!"  Natalie, 24, MD

"...I love your butter lotion and so with the face serum [Anthology: Organic Facial Serum Lullaby for Dry Skin]... I use the body butter as soon as I get out of the shower without drying and it has help my skin from drying up due to the changes in climate. I will give one Lavender butter to my sister and let her try the body butter, she has drier skin than I do..." Marylou, CA


"...I bought your serums for dry and oily skin some time ago for my combinations skin. I've been using one on my T-zone and the other on the rest of the face, and I feel now that my skin is becoming very balanced! I like the herbal smell and what these serums do for my difficult skin..." Laura, CA