Abused terms mean abused consumers

Organic  vs "Organics", "Organix", "Naturals", "Botanicals" - no toxins, more nutrients!



 Drug store skin care brands

Every ingredient is premium USDA certified organic – even all essential oils!


no, they use cheap conventional oils and conventional essential oils contaminatred with toxins. Not to mention that in a regular lotion there is 70-80% water and in the remaining 30-20%, fillers, cheap substitutes, fragrance, preservatives, emulsifiers, etc. take up the most part, leaving a very small percentage to the actual oils & butters.

Highest organic content on the market – 99% organic


no, many companies that make bogus organic claims add only for example a pinch of aloe vera or other water dispersible powder in their 70% water lotions - voila, it suddenly becomes 70% organic. Now you know, that it isn't.

Completely chemical free - No preservatives, synthetic ingredients and fragrances, parabens, petroleum-derived additives, sulfates, artificial colors, and phthalates. Simply NO chemicals.


no, if you have from a drop to 70% water and more in your lotion you need to preserve it, especially to achieve 2 year shelf life. The cheapest way - synthetic chemicals. Sometimes they don't even disclose the preservative. But anyway, what good can come from a product after sitting for 2 years on the shelf ??

Alcohol as a preservative


yes. Alcohol acts as a carrier that delivers oils deeper into epidermis, but is only good if used in small quantities and in natural form (isopropyl alcohol is a synthetic industrial grade irritant). But used as a preservative, alcohol is very harsh to the skin in that proportion and immediately irritates dry, sensitive skin and also execerbates acne in problem skin.

100% Vegan - no animal derived ingredients, such as carmine (crushed bugs in red lipsticks), hyaluronic acid (from beef anti aging serums), silk (from bugs in creams and hair conditioners), tallow (animal fat in soaps), beeswax, etc.


no, a lot of companies still use animal-derived ingredients, particularly in anti aging skin care and make-up. Animal testing is also widely spread. Many have curtailed animal testing, but let's not forget that most of what they are selling today has been tested on animals and that's not what is to be encouraged.

Eco-friendly - only glass, paper and tin recycled and recyclable packaging


no, many top brands use cheap, toxic plastic that leaches toxic additives into the product! Plastic is also difficult to recycle, not biodegradeable and clogs our landfills. Thousands of sea animals choke on plastic every year! Choose eco friendly glass, tin or paper containers.

Organic Skin Care Goes Beyond Pampering: It’s a Necessity of Healthy Living

We want you to look lovely – glowing with true health and happiness! That’s why we are here - to deliver the purest skin care, FREE from CHEMICALS, and helping you make the right choices for yourself and your loved ones.

Our skin is not just a pretty façade – it’s our body’s largest organ that absorbs over 60% of what you put on! At the same time, our bodies are able to absorb only 10-20% of vitamins and minerals taken in a pill form.  No wonder many topical preparations are considered more effective than oral  (for example, nicotine and birth control patches, ointments, fever busters, anesthetics, etc. )

Thus, everything you put on your skin ends up right in your system!

In the age of chemicals our health and wellbeing are put on the line daily. We are exposed to carcinogens as we eat, shower, apply make-up, commute, sit in our cubicles and do everyday chores.

Therefore, buying organic is not a luxury – it’s a necessity for maintaining your health.

Ok, one might say, it’s clear why it’s necessary to buy organic food, but why is organic skin care better?
Alright, you already know that organic food is better than conventional because it is free from pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc that are toxic to our bodies. So is organic skin care! Also, the research has shown that organic food is a lot wealthier in nutrients than conventional food. So is organic skin care! No toxins, more nutrients!

USDA certified organic ingredients which we use come from organic agriculture that cultivates crops without chemicals and keeps our soils, water streams and air clean, while delivering pure, super potent and healthiest ingredients for our tables and cosmetic jars.

So it’s simple, really - by choosing organic, you choose to cut back on chemical hazards, provide the best for yourself and your loved ones and keep our earth clean.

We sincerely thank you for choosing organic and visiting Anthology website.

Yours truly organic,