Lemongrass Shire ORGANIC BODY BUTTER (4fl.oz)

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  • 99% USDA certified organic ingredients
  • Premium USDA certified organic essential oils - Lemongrass and Peppermint
  • Chemical & Preservative Free
  • Anti aging & super moisturizing for all skin types, especially dry, damaged skin
  • Citrusy, fresh, lemony, happy scent
  • Creamy, smooth,  light texture
  • Stylish cobalt blue apothecary glass with elegant silver metal closure



Creamy-creamy butter will make your skin silky-silky with its super moisturizing, nourishing and all organic oils. Pick Lemongrass if you are a fan of citrus flavors with happily addictive aroma!

Regular body lotions, creams and other drug store moisturizers contain up to 70-80% water, and within the rest 30-20% you will find only 10-15% of actual natural oils - the remaining will be toxic preservatives, emulsifiers, fillers, cheap substitutes, and artificial fragrance. Compare this to our organic body butters that are pure oils & butters - 99% USDA certified organic ingredients. Choose the best for yourself and your loved ones and buy pure, concentrated organic body butters! It will prove a frugal, prudent, and all-around best choice!

This 99% organic whipped body butter is simply the best organic & natural body moisturizer! Used daily, this butter provides excellent natural hydration to dry, damaged skin, stimulating circulation and nourishing epidermis. In our organic body butter, lemongrass and peppermint pure organic essential oils come together to lift up your mood with their addictively happy scent. Lemongrass body butter comes in a blue glass jar, which protects precious organic essential oils and organic raw shea butter from sunlight thus prolonging the effectiveness of this luxurious organic and natural body butter. Our body butter contains 99% USDA certified organic ingredients and comes in an eco-friendly recyclable cobalt blue glass jar.

At Anthology Organic, we use only raw, unprocessed butter and oils, including our raw, unrefined shea butter which is prized for moisturizing, anti aging and soothing qualities. Jojoba is a precious organic oil, which closely resembles human sebum by chemical composition and therefore acts as a deep moisturizer - a touted ingredient in crazy expensive creams and beauty products. Organic rice bran oil is another star ingredient in our organic body butter, which adds a share of vitamin E and anti oxidants to make this cream an anti aging product. Look at the ingredient list  - our body butter is 99% organic, 100% vegan and 100% natural.

Thoroughly whipped, our organic body butter has silky texture and feels like smooth, rich cream. We hand-pour all of our organic skin care products, so each jar of body butter will have a unique surface appearance. Love your body butter and care about it as it cares for you – store your body butter away from heat & sun and remove it from your vehicle parked outdoors. At very low temperatures you may notice that your body butter has hardened and it's perfectly natural - just hold it in your hands to warm it up before applying.


organic shea butter*
organic sunflower oil*
organic golden jojoba oil*
organic ricebran oil*
gmo-free tocopherols (vitamin E)
lemongrass organic essential oil*
peppermint organic essential oil*.

* USDA certified organic ingredients


Gently massage a very small amount of whipped organic body butter into skin, focusing on hands, knees, feet and elbows. Allow several minutes to soak in and your skin will feel luxuriously smooth, healthy and well hydrated. Enjoy!


Ingredients - USDA certified organic and produced by sustainable organic agriculture preserving our earth and your health
Labels - 100% recycled and recyclable
Container - cobalt blue apothecary glass jar (100% recyclable and reusable) and silver metal cap (100% recyclable aluminum)

Handcrafted with pure USDA certified organic ingredients, this nourishing whipped organic body butter cream contains NO petroleum derived substances, artificial fragrances, and synthetic skin irritants - simply put it NO chemicals at all! YES, this organic body butter does contain only cold-pressed, unrefined, raw, organic, natural ingredients because this is how nature intended them to be - pure and effective as they are. This organic body moisturizer is freshly made in small batches and contains NO PRESERVATIVES - scoop with dry hands or dry tool. We use eco-friendly packaging, recycled, reusable apothecary glass and recycled labels. Learn more about our philosophy here

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