Mystica Aeterna NOURISHING ORGANIC BODY OIL (4fl.oz)

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  • 99% USDA certified organic ingredients
  • Luxurious, anti aging organic oils - Jojoba, Rosehip, Grapeseed
  • Premium USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC essential oils - Patchouli, Cedar
  • Chemical and Preservative free
  • Perfect, quality  hand & body moisturizer instead of watery lotions
  • Sensual massage oil for ultimate relaxation
  • Stylish cobalt blue apothecary glass with eco-friendly closure

Want to liberate yourself from dry, tight, itchy skin? Our Mystica Aeterna organic massage and body oil is formulated to make your skin smooth, soft, hydrated and feeling youthful again. This organic body oil features its signature mysterious, deep, sensual aroma making it a must have for a seductive massage, divine bath or other aromatherapy applications when you want to feel gorgeous and irresistible.

This 99% organic fragrant body and massage oil takes the best of certified organic jojoba, grapeseed, macadamia, patchouli, and vanilla to make a rich, moisturizing and fragrant body, bath and massage oil blend.

Mystica Aeterna organic body oil is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients to nurture dry, dehydrated, mature and damaged skin types. Organic golden jojoba and macadamia oils combined with precious organic grape seed oil make skin smoother, more supple and resistant to environmental damage. It can be used right after shower or bath and also makes wonderful therapeutic massage oil or bath oil. Exotic fragrant patchouli and cedarwood organic essential oils create mysterious, dreamy aroma that brings peace and bliss to your mind. Comes in a blue glass bottle, which protects precious essential oils from sun light thus prolonging the effectiveness of this luxurious organic bath and body oil. Contains 99% USDA certified organic ingredients, which are 100% natural, vegan and eco friendly.


organic soybean oil*
organic sunflower oil*

organic macadamia oil*
organic golden jojoba oil*
organic rosehip oil*
organic grapeseed oil*
gmo-free tocopherols (vitamin E)
patchouli organic essential oil*
cedarwood organic essential oil*
organic vanilla scent* 

* USDA certified organic ingredients

Customers’ Stories

"this blend smells heavenly; I love it!" Caitlin, MA


As organic body oil. Right after shower or bath, gently massage a small amount of organic body oil into damp skin and allow a few minutes to soak in. It goes on smoothly and sinks in effortlessly, leaving your skin soft, smooth and nicely scented.

As organic bath oil. Add a desired amount of organic bath oil (usually a teaspoon, but you can add more for stronger aroma) to your bath water for silky aromatherapy spa experience. Your skin will feel incredibly smooth and hydrated.

As organic massage oil. Warm a small amount of this fragrant organic massage oil in your palms and apply to the skin for relaxing aromatherapy and massage.


Ingredients - USDA certified organic and produced by sustainable organic agriculture, preserving our earth and your health
Labels - 100% recycled and recyclable
Container - cobalt blue apothecary glass bottle (100% recyclable and reusable) and silver metal cap (100% recyclable aluminum)

Handcrafted with pure USDA certified organic ingredients, this nourishing organic body and massage oil contains NO petroleum derived substances, artificial fragrances, and synthetic skin irritants - simply put it NO chemicals at all! YES, this organic body & massage oil does contain only cold-pressed, unrefined, raw, organic, natural ingredients because this is how nature intended them to be - pure and effective as they are. This organic body moisturizer is freshly made in small batches and contains NO PRESERVATIVES. We use eco-friendly packaging, recycled, reusable apothecary glass and recycled labels.

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