Tender as Petals NO SOAP FACIAL CLEANSER (1.8 oz)

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  • Only USDA certified organic and All Natural ingredients
  • Chemical free - no detergents, artificial fragrances, preservatives,  toxic irritants, etc.
  • 40% recycled apothecary glass cube - eco-friendly, luxurious, classy, elegant gift
  • Safer than soap – does not dry your skin!
  • Beneficial for all skin types, especially dehydrated, mature, damaged, acneic, sensitive skin
  • Effectively cleans and removes makeup
  • Equivalent to at least 6 oz conventional liquid face wash based on water & fillers!

Absolutely amazing organic and all natural face wash suitable for all skin types and particularly beneficial for dry, mature, sensitive and problem skin types. Use it daily and see the difference from the very first time!

Extra mild and containing NO detergents, like soap or chemical-based ones, this organic & natural facial cleanser purifies skin in all natural way leaving it soft, clean, fresh, healthy and smelling of pretty flowers. This skin loving organic facial cleanser will not make your face feel tight and desperate, because  organic flowers and natural clays are mild and tender and do not strip your skin off its natural oils.

This organic facial cleanser contains no water, therefore doesn't need ANY chemicals to preserve, emulsify, thicken, etc. like any other conventional face wash.  Our organic and all natural facial wash is free from aggressive detergents, such as harsh SLS, soap and other synthetics, therefore it does not dry your skin. Instead, we use mild, pure, premium clays that cleanse your skin gently, lovingly and effectively, removing all dirt, grease and even makeup!

To add even more value to your purchase, this facial cleanser doubles as an invigorating organic & all natural facial mask for all skin types - just leave it on your clean face for 15-20 minutes and allow the flowers and clays caress your skin and give you a beautiful healthy glow.

This organic facial cleanser is made from 100% organic flowers & pure, natural, premium clays and comes in a generous size of 1.8 ounces to allow for many applications at a very affordable price. It cleans and clarifies skin, removing dirt, makeup and oils better than a conventional face wash - only without drying and damaging your skin. Your skin will definitely benefit from this no soap mild, nourishing cleanser which can (and should) be used daily! This truly wonderful organic and natural formula cares for all skin types, and in particular it is miraculous for damaged, dry, sensitive skin types because it does not contain soap or any other detergent. Gentle, yet very effective, this cleanser will unveil your new, dewy complexion to all eyes.


kaolin white clay
organic rose petals*
organic chamomile flowers*
natural moroccan rhassoul clay

organic lavender flowers*
organic calendula flowers*
organic oats*

* USDA certified organic ingredients


Scoop this organic facial cleanser with dry spoon and mix with spring water, any herbal infusion or even your freshly brewed green tea in a separate bowl until you get a paste. Gently apply to the face, avoiding intense rubbing, and rinse off. Follow with your facial moisturizer.

Morning Rush Tip: Instead of mixing in the bowl, you can pour some organic facial cleanser right into your palm, add water or a liquid of your choice and mix into paste with the other hand's finger. It takes just a few moments of practice, but your glowing and healthy skin is so worth this tiny effort! After you get a hang of it, you'll see that it's as easy as using soap or regular facial wash and cleanser.

Eco friendly

Ingredients - USDA certified organic, all natural and produced by sustainable organic agriculture preserving our earth and your health

Container - 40% recycled, recyclable and reusable apothecary glass cube
Labels - 100% recycled and recyclable

Handcrafted with pure USDA certified organic ingredients, this organic and all natural facial wash contains NO petroleum derived substances, detergents, SLS, soap, artificial fragrances, and synthetic skin irritants. YES, it does contain only clean, raw, organic, all natural and fresh ingredients because this is how nature intended them to be - pure and effective as they are. This organic and natural facial cleanser is freshly made in small batches and contains NO PRESERVATIVES, therefore please avoid introducing any water.

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