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  • Only USDA certified organic and All Natural ingredients
  • Chemical free - no detergents, artificial fragrances, preservatives, plastic beads, toxic irritants, etc.
  • Gentle, effective and suitable for all skin types
  • 40% recycled apothecary glass cube  - eco-friendly, luxurious, classy, elegant gift
  • Equivalent to at least 6 oz conventional liquid scrub based on water & fillers!

As featured in Ecostiletto
Best Eco-Beauty & Health Gift Guide

This fabulous deep cleansing organic and natural facial scrub contains only 100% certified organic herbs, flowers and premium natural French Green clay! No preservatives, synthetics, fragrances, plastic beads are in there. Gentle and mild, yet very effective, this all natural and organic facial exfoliant removes impurities, dirt, contaminants, excess oil and dead skin cells, revealing new, glowing young skin that smells of flowers and delicate spices.

If you are using commercial facial scrubs and wondering why they didn't put enough of those scrubbing pellets - this organic facial scrub will pleasantly surprise you. It's got just the right amount of the cleansing all natural yummy poppy seeds (not some cheap plastic pellets!) so you will see how effectively it cleans and massages your skin in a single motion. Great for using on all skin types, particularly wonderful for problem, sensitive, mature and dry skin which require gentle, delicate care.

Our organic face scrub is easy & fun to use and you can customize the consistency by adding the amount of liquid that is just right for you! On top of that you can have a great, fresh, all natural scrub every time instead of a heavily preserved regular scrub. Enjoy!


organic poppy seeds*
kaolin white clay
organic allspice*

organic rosehips*
natural baking soda
French green clay
organic orange peel*

*certified USDA NOP organic ingredients

Customers’ Stories

"A great facial scrub! Adding poppy seeds is a great idea too! thanks!" Christine, PA

"what a lovely scrub! Polishes my fce so nicely and doesn't make it dry or itchy. Also it's not too abrasive or too watery like other scrubs I used to have. I 'm a huge fan now :)  Thank you!" Linda, AZ


Scoop this organic and natural facial scrub with dry spoon into and mix with the liquid of your choice in a separate bowl. You can use water, any herbal infusion or even your freshly brewed green tea. Mix our organic facial scrub and the liquid until they form a paste. Gently apply to the face, avoiding intense rubbing, and rinse off thoroughly.

To simplify things even more, just pour a desired amount of face scrub right into the palm of your hand and mix with water to make a paste, then apply to the face. Your skin will feel refreshed,  clean and ready for your facial moisturizer or mask treatment. Anthology recommends that you follow with Lullaby for Dry skin organic facial serum if you have normal to dry skin and Lullaby for Oily Skin organic facial serum if your skin is combination, problem to oily & acneic.

Face Care Tip: This organic facial scrub prepares your skin to absorb even better whatever product you are going to follow with. Therefore, for deeply nourishing and moisturizing organic spa experience, follow with one of our all natural & organic masks suitable for your skin type. Otherwise just apply your favorite organic facial cream or moisturizer according to your skin type.


Ingredients - USDA certified organic, all natural and produced by sustainable organic agriculture preserving our earth and your health
Labels - 100% recycled and recyclable
Container - 40% recycled, 100% recyclable and reusable stylish apothecary glass cube

Handcrafted with pure USDA certified organic and all natural ingredients, this gentle organic facial scrub contains NO petroleum derived substances, artificial fragrances, and synthetic skin irritants - simply put it NO chemicals at all! YES, this organic face scrub does contain only unrefined, raw, organic, natural ingredients because this is how nature intended them to be - pure and effective as they are. This organic facial scrub is freshly made in small batches and contains NO PRESERVATIVES. We use eco-friendly packaging, recycled, reusable apothecary glass and recycled labels.

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